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Barketing Is Real?

WELL, WELL, WELLINGTON...Last week we welcomed a new furry friend to the Focal Point Marketing (FPM) team. Wellington is an eight-week-old Schnauzer who’s been the center of attention around the office lately. This spotlight isn’t unique to the FPM compound, however, as corporate offices around the country are developing pet-friendly policies. Google often features its... Continue reading 

Marketing Challenges in 2016: Peacocks or Seagulls

Take control and meet these head on, and look good doing it. Business owners today are struggling with keeping their audience’s attention. If you refer back to our post on Digital Content, you can better understand how people are consuming content and more importantly, how it’s delivered. Businesses should always be discovering new ways to capture... Continue reading 

Going with the flow…

Every advertising agency uses a different process and workflow that suits it best. [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="6" md="6" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] At Focal Point, we adopt a collaborative approach when working with our clients. We realize it’s critical that clients play an active role in the entire marketing process, because after all they are the... Continue reading