Marketing Maestro & Marvelous Mom-a-ger

Co-Founder – Marketing & Brand Strategy

Theresa Long, a seasoned marketing veteran, has more than 25 years of experience in the marketing industry. Her client list covers every corner of the marketing world, including Fortune 100 companies, startups, business-to-business, nonprofit organizations and many others. Theresa's extensive field experience includes market research and analysis (including Microsoft Surface), strategic planning, design and brand development, and the commercialization of a variety of products and services.

Theresa's ability to provide our clients with sound strategic planning, counseling, and insight into the latest consumer trends is well proven.

Her specialty, though, is helping clients find the proper markets and placement to get the most out of marketing dollars. Theresa's expertise in developing and implementing innovative marketing campaigns has translated into successful brands for our clients. Theresa is adept in developing and implementing creative and innovative campaigns that successfully contribute to building brands and bolstering audience connections.