Commercial Photography

Our commercial photography services come complete with all the bells and whistles (variety of lenses, lighting, etc.), so we’re sure to capture one-of-a-kind imagery with every shot. Our commercial photography has left a big impression with our clients, winning multiple industry awards and recognition.

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DSLR camera

Picture perfect

Lighting essentials

The key for capturing some of the best commercial photography comes down to proper lighting. A well-lit environment makes the whole scene come together beautifully. For outdoor scenes, its recommended to shoot late in the day or early in the morning so the sun is at a low angle to the ground. Additionally, using a strong backlight, which puts a soft warm glow around the subjects helps, as does combining the warm skin tones with the cool sky color subjects to pop out from the frame.

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In order to separate the subject from the background, we make sure that the background is not too busy. Our focus is to help pull the subject out from a busy background for a shallow depth of field. This draws the viewer’s attention to the subject and provides a high-end look that separates our photography from the rest.

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