Audio Services

When you’ve been offering audio services as long as we have, you pick up a few tricks along the way. Here at Focal Point, we utilize a state-of-the-art in-house audio booth that allows us to record flawless narration and testimonials on site. 

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Radio Commercial Production

Focal Point delivers top notch radio commercial productions with the most comprehensive range of advertising and audio services. Jingles, "theater of the mind" ads, conversational testimonials, remote event broadcasting, you name it. Our award-winning work has been largely successful, garnering both financial results and industry recognition.


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Voice Narration

Listening to TV or radio commercials, you can always tell the difference between those ads using professional voice talent and those using someone's cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle. Same goes for the writing or scripting. If it sounds cheesy, it is cheesy, but was it meant to be cheesy? Between casting the right voice talent to writing a clever script – our voice narration abilities cover every aspect of the process.


Custom Audio Tracks

Have an interesting or odd audio project? We love the challenge. Perhaps you want a unique song composition or audio track, or maybe you're looking to produce an audio book. We can help. Focal Point's custom audio productions are limited only by our imagination.

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