Marketing & Advertising

We want to help you drive your business with effective methods of marketing and advertising.
Whether it's TV, radio or digital advertising; or you just need some solid strategy,
we're here to help you succeed.

TV Advertising

No advertisement reaches more audiences than TV Advertising. Hours of research, careful planning and strategic purchasing go into helping your business target, and reach, your customers. Here at Focal Point, our marketing experts strategize and execute your TV advertising plan free of charge.

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Radio Advertising

Live remotes, promotions, jingles…oh my! Radio advertising can be a great way to diversify your marketing strategy, especially when combined with television. Radio listeners are a demographic all to their own that when targeted accurately, can be an effective advertising tool.

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Radio Advertising visualization

Marketing Strategy

Perhaps you know you need help with your business, but just don't know where to start. Or maybe you've tried everything and just need a fresh perspective, nevertheless, a marketing strategy is a perfect place to start. Our team of experts will develop an easy to implement, step-by-step marketing plan tailored for your business to help strategically position your company for years to come.

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Digital Advertising

Today’s ever growing media market gives us a number of different ways for businesses to reach their target audience, and that's where digital advertising thrives. Digital advertising is simply placing an ad on the web whether it's on websites, web-based streaming services or played before a video, businesses are now able to target a specific audiences and serve them ads based on user interests and browsing tendencies.

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