Sunset Gardens

Establishing a Hierarchy

Our job was to help them establish an internal and external brand hierarchy so that it would be clear what each entity offers their customers while maintaining the strong reputation of the Sunset Gardens name.

Through research and much deliberation, we found that using Sunset Gardens as the overarching parent brand was the optimal name change they needed. It was shorter and simpler, and frankly, more memorable. Subsequently, the brand extensions or sub-business lines were named Einan’s at Sunset, Cemetery at Sunset, and Events at Sunset. This subtle name adjustment helped clarify each entity’s role while offering a family of brands that worked together harmoniously.


Marketing for the Future


Once the naming and brand was complete, we turned our attention to developing a marketing plan that addresses all the fast-changing trends that are happening in the funeral home industry. We conducted extensive research on the Sunset Gardens business – everything from their inner workings, to their functionality, to their marketing efforts, as well as what their competitors are doing in all facets.

Focal Point’s research findings of the funeral home industry on the national and regional levels led us to draft an integrated marketing and advertising strategy for the coming year. This strategy would dictate everything from how and where to advertise, what marketing collateral to produce, what demographics to market to, and much, much more.


Building a Different Kind of Web Experience


Understanding that their website was going to be their most important marketing tool, Sunset Gardens asked us to re-haul their online brand. They needed a website with upgraded usability and SEO capabilities, dynamic content, a responsive/mobile-friendly design, and unique features, like a guestbook and e-commerce component for ordering flowers for deceased loved ones.

Longterm Success