Innovation Needing An Identity

They came to us in need of giving their product an identity, one that would be memorable and reflect the same innovation behind the PasMac. Together, we crafted a modern logo signature that would soon be the face of manufacturing innovation.

PasMac Device

Planning & Analyzing the Market

How we would approach marketing this new product depended on the results of significant research into the manufacturing industry in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, we focused on the food processing, timber and mining industries. What we found was a desperate need for a product like the PasMac.

In these manufacturing plants, when a machine went down with a bad shaft, it could take several hours, even days or weeks to fix. The PasMac would significantly decrease downtime, meaning those machines are back up and running in no time.

Bringing PasMac to a Worldwide Audience

Throughout this whole process, we were working diligently and furiously to develop a website that would shine a light on PasMac’s innovation. The site needed to be visually stunning and multi-functional – serving as a virtual brochure, an industry resource, and a shopping cart.

Shortly after launching the site, it was off to the races. Part of the visual aesthetic we integrated into the home page of the site was the use of looping dynamic video of the PasMac in action. This allows users to see the product in use right when they land on the page (it also has made for quite an impressive first impression).

PasMac stationary collateral

Making Exceptional Strides