Knutzen's Meats

More Than a Butcher Shop

Focal Point’s strong ties to the region were an ideal match for Knutzen’s desire to reach the local demographic. At Focal Point, we know the Mid-Columbia area quite well and have a passion for understanding the local and neighboring markets. In addition, we have a collaborative approach with our clients, which meant that Knutzen’s would not lose the feeling of a family-owned approach to business; rather, they would be able to expand their ‘family’.

Unearthing a Diamond in the Rough

Knutzen’s Meats has been in business for over 35 years but their brand awareness was weak because of location and limited advertising. The absence of a website made it difficult for people unfamiliar with their company to easily access information about services and products. Focal Point was tasked with refreshing the Knutzen’s brand by creating a new visual identity in the form of a new logo, packaging for a new line of sauces, and developing a way to market and promote their specialized service called “cow-pooling”. In addition, we needed to create a website that allowed customers easy access to Knutzen’s products, services and other customer offerings.


The final task was to produce a television commercial that made people aware of who Knutzen’s Meats is, what they do, and where they are located. All of these things had to be done with a budget that would not break the bank for this local, family-owned business.

Truth in Numbers