Kennewick School District



Bolstering the Bond Support

First came the public school bond in 2014, which proposed the building of three new schools and renovating two overcrowded schools. The district had collected nearly 120 portable classrooms and most teachers were overloaded with students. Dating back to 2008, elementary enrollment in Kennewick School District increased by over 1,200 students, 1,600 if you include middle school. This bond would help change that.

Focal Point was tasked with creating promotional videos that would highlight just how important the bond was to our community, airing in the Tri-Cities and used on social media formats up until the vote. Using hand-illustrated graphics and easy to interpret messaging, the feedback showed overwhelming support for the district and the bond. The measure passed with flying colors, netting 64% approval. The margin of victory is a testament to the marketing campaign and the support this community has for education.

Leveraging a Levy

With the success of the previous year’s school bond in securing new schools for future growth, Kennewick School District aimed its sights at proposing a levy to supply existing schools with adequate equipment and resources. The “maintenance and operations” levy would help pay for essential extracurricular resources like athletic equipment, music, band, drama, essential staff like nurses and security, as well as technology, books and more.

Once again, we were brought in to develop and produce an educational television commercial and long format video for use on social media and digital advertising. Expanding on what worked for the bond project, we took the illustrative approach and rejuvenated it, using a more stylized and colorful aesthetic. Narrated by an elementary school student, the levy narrative was told through the perspective of a student, asking viewers to “think back to when you were in school, what was your favorite part.”

The result? The 2015 levy passed with a 65% approval, go figure.


Chalking Up Results