Building the Foundation

The foundation of this campaign was the strategy, which aimed to create brand awareness, distinguish PowerNET from their parent company, modernize their outdated look, and establish a cohesive brand between their two distinct product lines, Wireless Internet and Key Accounts. Multi-departmental brainstorming sessions at this phase led to dynamic messaging, as well as the development of a brand voice and aesthetic that was carried effectively throughout the rest of the campaign.

The Brand Comes to Life

While the marketing plan was working its magic in the background, Focal Point brought the PowerNET brand to life through the production of a series of TV ads, filmed in the heart of the rural area that PowerNET serves. These unscripted TV ads provided an element of sincerity and a human quality, helping the clients to communicate their genuine experience by filming them in their environment, and asking them to speak honestly about their experiences. This accessible and conversational aesthetic was carried throughout a series of print ads as well.