SEO & Online Success

What it really takes to achieve online success…
And how Focal Point Marketing can help you get there.

SEO is only part of online success.

SEO & Online SuccessWhile SEO is very important for your site, driving a higher volume of traffic to your site doesn’t necessarily equal higher revenue. It’s important to consider how much of your site’s traffic is actually converted to revenue generation and where the traffic is coming from.

Show up to the party.

A huge part of online success is to find those places on the web where your potential clients are hanging out, and engage them. Find popular blogs, industry publications, or directories pertaining to your client base and engage with the users. Place ads, comment, discuss, link to your own site and build relationships.

Take the time to develop quality content.

Valuable content engages your user’s needs and brings them into a relationship with you. What’s the point of driving many potential clients to your site if the content is too wordy, confusing, or just plain boring? Quality content writing and editing is the foundation for a successful site. At Focal Point, we consider this a valuable and essential part of the website services we provide.

Back to SEO…

Now that you know SEO isn’t the sole answer to online success, it still plays a valuable role. Effective SEO is certainly an art. Search engines, such as Google, change their methods of ranking sites frequently. Techniques such as keyword placement, linking structure, creating a sitemap, and optimizing all SEO-related HTML tags are among the standard practices that we take with each website we produce. While these are the most effective methods for improving SEO at this time, that may not be the case in the future. For this reason, our developers make a point to keep current on changing SEO practices, and always seek to improve and change our methods as time goes on.

Real results take time.

While some web content can take off and gain much momentum within a week, a day, or even an hour, this scenario is very unlikely. Realistically, you can expect to wait 6 months or more to see your site appear in search results for some of your more competitive or general key words.

Real results take continued effort.

Unfortunately, you can’t always launch a site and sit and wait for the customers to come to you. The best thing you can do to ensure online success is to keep your site’s content current, periodically introduce new content, and continue to engage your customer base. A great way to do this is to have the site designed in such a way that accommodates for continually updated content, such as a blog or featured content area.