Marketing Challenges in 2016: Peacocks or Seagulls

Take control and meet these head on, and look good doing it.

Business owners today are struggling with keeping their audience’s attention. If you refer back to our post on Digital Content, you can better understand how people are consuming content and more importantly, how it’s delivered. Businesses should always be discovering new ways to capture and keep their audience’s attention.

A big challenge nowadays facing marketers is how easy it has become for just about anyone to produce content. The best way to differentiate the content you produce is to invest time and resources into making said content as valuable as possible to your audience. No matter the subject matter, your customers will appreciate quality over quantity, every time.

Now let’s talk about social media for a second. As a business owner, chances are that you’re aware of social medias effectiveness and impact on business. Having a voice on Facebook or Twitter can help boost brand loyalty and awareness, but let’s not forget that it is merely a tool. The key to cutting through the saturated social media exchange is by applying a tailored strategy to how you deliver content on those platforms that is unique. Having research that garners tangible data will, in turn, do most of the heavy lifting for you. But regardless of how you go about keeping your audience engaged, be sure to be consistent.

The best way to differentiate the content you produce is to invest time and resources into making said content as valuable as possible to your audience.

Sometimes overlooked aspects of your business can present the biggest challenges. Every so often we hear our clients talk about customers not being able to find them online. The reason for this is poorly optimized searchable content. Business owners and marketers are struggling to create content that effectively uses relevant terms and keywords pertaining to their business. What we want to stress here is that search engines such as Google or Bing are constantly refining their search criteria to better improve search results within their platforms. Don’t become complacent with your website or on-line content. Update and refine content often. This can drastically improve searchability and relevance.

The best way to separate your business from others is to be unique in no uncertain terms. Think outside the box about the way you deliver content and information.  Develop something other than a standard newsletter that would just get lost in the recipients junk mail. Instead, start an industry-related blog that highlights trends and news specific to your business. Maybe try partnering with other businesses to create diverse, viral campaigns that look to target specific demographics. Or perhaps try ramping up intensity with existing campaigns by increasing frequency of posts and updates and expanding the distribution of information across multiple platforms; social media, your website, blog, digital ad campaigns, email marketing, etc.

Today information is consumed and forgotten quicker than ever before. Diversifying the content your business produces not only makes your business seem more knowledgeable but can also widen and strengthen the audience you are speaking to. Often it comes down to what you are offering them (other than your product or service). Be a peacock, not a seagull.