Going with the flow…

Every advertising agency uses a different process and workflow that suits it best.

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At Focal Point, we adopt a collaborative approach when working with our clients. We realize it’s critical that clients play an active role in the entire marketing process, because after all they are the experts, and together we can make better decisions that will help the campaign’s success rate. Knowledge transfer provides us with the background necessary to move forward with marketing projects/campaigns and to meet and exceed our client’s goals.
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The advertising and marketing industry, at times, has had to combat outside conclusions that the work is “easy”. These misconceptions have long been a thorn in the proverbial side of the creative field. Any agency that takes itself and its work serious will attest that the process takes far greater time and attention than most people realize. Not to say that a sleek rebrand or successful digital campaign can’t be rewarding, but the process is a vital component in delivering desired results. Intensive research, strategy, development, and implementation go into getting that logo just right or producing a television campaign takes more than just fancy button pushing.[/efscolumn]



Take a gander at a distilled version of our workflow when handling client conundrums.

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1). Knowledge transfer
This is where we start. It’s the transfer of basic information, the foundation on which the strategy for the project is built. We ask the questions to get to the core of who our clients are, what makes them unique, what their product or service is, who their target markets are, and much, much more.

2). Research & Strategy
From here, we divide into teams with segmented assignments. Everyone has a different, but equally important role. (Background on client brand, competitors, products / services, past marketing strategies, current processes, etc.)

3). Analyze
Studying the client outline and organizing a game plan in terms of what / how to research and strategize. Specific creative goals require different means of content understanding and development.

4). A Client’s Goals
Establishing goals is crucial. We create a plan or “roadmap”, giving us a set of parameters that starts with a problem and ends with a solution. After building a reservoir of research, data and measurable outcomes, we reconvene to refine and finalize our approach to the project.

5). Creative Production & Development
This is the most widely visible and tangible aspect of an agency’s reputation: the work. This is the step where all the research and strategy become pixels on the screen and ink on paper. Developing appropriate creative materials (print, digital, etc.) for the project. A bulk of the time is spent on this step­ – as it is the actual implementation of ideas and concepts.


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6). Proofing
The proofing process is essential simply because it helps encourage client involvement along the way, and it helps us gauge if we’re headed in the right direction.

7). Client Approval
After client collaboration and some fine-tuning, the creative is finally ready for implementation. Client gives the final go-ahead.

8). Media Buying, Placement
Buying broadcast and digital media space is dependent on the research and analysis in order to reach the target demographic.  We work closely with the client to make sure each campaign reaches its intended target.

9). Award Winning Marketing & Advertising
The word speaks for itself. But a little recognition from our industry peers doesn’t hurt.

10). Happy Clients
After it’s all said and done, we want a happy client. We work hard and diligently to provide not only something that looks great, but that is functional and effective as well. Cheers to a job well done! Now what’s next?



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