Focal Point Marketing Adds Partners

The Focal Point Marketing & Multimedia team just got an adrenaline shot of leadership, announcing the addition of partners Thomas Manley and Derek Nelson. Both have been full-time creatives and daily contributors with FPM, helping to build client brands and provide top-notch advertising and marketing expertise, but now take on bigger roles as our young company continues to grow.

Manley has served as creative director for the last two years since being promoted from art director and has been with FPM since we opened our doors in 2010. Nelson joined Focal Point in 2013 as a web designer and developer before being promoted to director of digital media early last year.

Partners Mitch Lewis and Theresa Long are happy to have the two young guns share in leadership roles and responsibilities. “We are thrilled that Thomas and Derek have accepted partnerships in Focal Point,” said Theresa. “They will help us continue to grow the agency and provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their marketing needs.”

“Both Derek and Thomas demonstrate that they understand the needs of clients as well as the needs of our agency, and both are well-respected,” added Mitch.

“Having been an integral part of Focal Point since our inception six years ago, I take great pride in being made partner,” said Thomas. “We have an exceptional team and I’m very much looking forward to helping lead this company into the next chapter of our story. There are some exciting things brewing at our small agency – we truly have a very bright future."

In addition to their new partnership roles, Manley will continue to serve as creative director and brand strategist, and Nelson will continue as director of digital media, managing a team of marketing and advertising professionals who specialize in the implementation of a variety of digital and web advertising mediums. Both men have a litany of industry experience from Tri-Cities to Seattle and Spokane, complete with a portfolio full of tantalizing work for FPM clients.

“Since joining the team in 2013, I’ve dedicated myself to helping our agency grow into something that I’m proud to be a part of," said Nelson. "Becoming a partner is an exciting new opportunity that I accept with great pride and responsibility. We’ve got great things on our horizon, and I look forward to helping us get there.”

As with everything we do at Focal Point, our strongest asset (other than our clients, duh!) is our team. Our collaborative creative process hinges on contributions from everyone in our office – from the top down. So today we recognize Thomas and Derek’s ascension, but also the collective effort put in every day by the FPM team.

After all, there’s no “I” in team.



Thomas Manley

Partner - Creative Director, Brand Strategist 

Thomas Manley is the creative director for Focal Point Marketing. He has been crafting successful brands for more than 12 years, specializing in art direction, brand development, graphic and web design. Thomas combines strategy, creativity, design and technology to provide high-impact solutions to meet client objectives. He has a knack for pleasing clients and has won multiple Best in Show, Gold and Silver awards for his design work at the American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards – recognizing excellence in advertising.

Previously, Thomas served as the graphic designer and webmaster for The Art Institute of Seattle and as the graphic designer, illustrator and production artist for BHW1 in Spokane, Wash.

He attended The Art Institute of Seattle, School of Design.

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Partner - Web & Digital Media Director

As the director of digital media for Focal Point, Derek Nelson combines his exceptional creative talents with a problem solver’s mentality to implement successful strategies in the digital realm. In his directorial role, Derek manages a team of advertising pros specializing in the implementation of a variety programmatic advertising mediums and strategies. In addition to his director role, Derek is also Focal Point’s in-house web designer and developer, where he combines his astute knowledge of design with a defined technical prowess, resulting in the delivery of brilliant user experiences for our unique spectrum of clients.

Several of Derek’s works have received acclaim by both the American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards as well as the Aster Award organization, for outstanding work in the health care industry.

Formerly, Derek was a freelance designer supporting a variety of industries.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology & Culture from Washington State University.

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