Facebook for Business

A great tool for business owners and why it’ll help you (if you let it)

For most business owners a Facebook page isn’t something that is seriously considered as an integral element for success. But as we’ll explain, a Facebook for business can do wonders for marketing and can help you reach your customers. And the best part? It’s free (mostly).

Think of Facebook as a marketing tool; you can advertise your business for little to no cost at all. Current consumer reporting is showing that social network time spend is still inching up and it is dominated by Facebook.  Facebook allows you to not only share using different media types in posts (such as in photos & videos), but gives you the option to inexpensively “boost” those posts. Think of boosting as a mini-marketing campaign. You set the budget, number of days, and even the demographic you want to target with that particular post. This is one of the most cost-friendly ways to market your business and services. To fully understand this concept watch this video.

Advertising on Facebook is a comparable option to traditional print and television advertising, but it all depends on your business and marketing budget. For instance, if your business is business-to-consumer, you are more likely to see responses and follow on Facebook. This is due in large part to your business having a direct connection with the consumer. Simply put, it would be greatly beneficial to dedicate time to develop a rapport with your audience, as they are more likely to follow, engage, and ultimately, trust your business more.

When developing ads for Facebook it is important to develop your ad in a way that will engage the viewer.  For social networks like Facebook it is best to have native or organic looking ads.  Native ads are better at reaching users as content rather than being placed in the sidebar as an ad.  Be sure and have a way the user can click through to your website or offer.

Aside from boosting posts, you can also track Facebook analytics, which are referred to as “insights”. Insights offer the ability to monitor your page “likes”, engagements (likes & post clicks), and the number of people particular posts reached. These allow you to better understand how your audience on Facebook behaves. This in turn, gives you better information when determining how to market and build your audience.

To wrap up, Facebook pages are at their most effective when they are managed often and consistently. Building brand loyalty through Facebook requires some work and dedication but in the long run will help your business. It comes down to posting interesting content, interacting with your followers, and being savvy with how you represent your business. Customers are more likely to buy your product or service if they see that you are interacting and listening to your audience.


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