EPS: The Lost Logo

Industry folks love them, our clients loathe them.

Or perhaps they don’t even know these logo files exist?

EPS file
Focal Point Marketing & Multimedia uses standard industry practices when developing a client’s brand. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the logo is created as a vector file because they provide the most versatility, allowing for progressive scaling without losing quality and resolution. This dynamic file type is an EPS (encapsulated post script) and will always be the preferred logo file from publishers, print vendors, advertising agencies, design firms, marketing companies…whoever might handle your logo for reproduction. However, with a majority of small and corporate businesses using standard PC software, most people can’t open EPS files, let alone view its contents. Unfortunately, because these organizations can’t open EPS files, they often get trashed, erased or deleted.

So the most important files containing your company’s brand inadvertently ends up in the trash bin all because of compatibility issues? Yes, and its completely avoidable. PLEASE KEEP THESE FILES! They are the most reliable files in ensuring the quality of your brand’s appearance. Focal Point Marketing & Multimedia’s brand development and logo design process accommodates your format needs, providing you the finished logo in a variety of formats, including EPS, JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF. This ensures that our clients will have a file type for any occasion. And when they need to have shirts embroidered, or they need their logo printed on a vinyl banner – they have the original EPS files to send to the publishers to ensure the best possible print quality.

This simple recognition of the importance of EPS files of your brand will go a long way. It can save money from having to redo or trace the logo and will make life a whole lot easier on your printing and production partners.