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Marketing vs. Advertising

Marketing vs. Advertising – two very fundamentally different tools. The terms Advertising and Marketing are often confused. While both share some similarities, there are many differences. Knowing what those differences are can be vital to a business to help them sell more products or services and to help them meet both their immediate and long-term... Continue reading 

Happy Birthday to Us!


USING TYPOGRAPHY AS A VISUAL CAN BE VERY POWERFUL Marketing and advertising are channels in which we communicate your business' story to your audience – but there are many ways to translate the message. While dynamic video and powerful photography are obvious visual elements that help tell the story, typography can be just as effective.... Continue reading 

Taking the Perfect Portrait

Be the hit of the holidays with some nifty photo skills. There are many things that contribute to the perfect portrait: lighting, makeup, poses, etc.... So, during this holiday season, we thought we’d offer a few simple tips for the novice photographer when snapping photos of family and friends. SUBJECT VS BACKGROUND Have you ever... Continue reading 

The White Elephant Exchange: A Designer’s Excuse for Fun Gift Giving

10 Wacky Gifts From Designers’ White Elephant Parties (REPOSTED FROM HOWDESIGN.COM. WRITTEN BY THE CREATIVE GROUP.) Forget the business books and sugar cookies. At work, the real gift-giving fun happens when creative and marketing teams host a white elephant gift exchange. Never heard of a white elephant gift exchange? It’s when coworkers swap used or... Continue reading 

Season of Giving

MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Donate to SIGN Fracture Care International The true meaning behind the Christmas holiday is giving. Giving to those less fortunate. Giving and not expecting anything in return. No strings attached. If anything, there are tax write-offs for such donations, but that's not why we do it. If you're looking... Continue reading 

Season’s Greetings!

FPM Holiday Video 2013 from Focal Point Marketing on Vimeo. It’s that time again… Greetings to all! Snow, frigid temperatures, Christmas lights, eggnog, festive music and more. All of us here at Focal Point got into full holiday swing by creating this jovial video for your enjoyment. We want to wish our clients, friends and... Continue reading 

Stock, Or Not To Stock

Debunking the misconceptions of using stock photography There is little doubt about the impact of visuals in the media, but what factors should influence the selection process for our brand imagery? We’ve all been there. Do I choose Stock photography or hire a professional? These can be tough decisions that may be influenced by a... Continue reading 

SWOT for Better Business Decisions

Quickly evaluate your business to help achieve goals and objectives. No, you won't need a fly swatter. The kind we're talking about is "SWOT" – and this can be an extremely useful technique for understanding your business' strengths and weaknesses, and to also identify the opportunities available to you, and whether you know it or... Continue reading 

Sunlight Crapshoot

BEST TIME OF DAY FOR AN OUTDOOR PHOTO OR VIDEO SHOOT Poor lighting example. Optimal lighting example. As a full-service advertising agency, we've shot video and photography indoors, outdoors, or wherever we can get the best shot. But its not always that easy, and location is only the tip of the iceberg. Care to know... Continue reading