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10 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Website Design

Welcome to part 3 of a 4-part series dedicated to the avoidance of common mistakes businesses make with marketing, advertising, brand development, web design and social media. This installment is for Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Website Design 1). Responsive Design Why not start with the low-hanging fruit? If you haven’t already, get acquainted with Responsive Web Design. RWD... Continue reading 

FPM Casting Calls 2015!

Calling all experienced and inexperienced actors, models, extras and voice talent! We're calling it FPM Casting Calls 2015! Focal Point is looking for local talent of all ages to be featured in print adds, TV and radio commercials, and other advertising efforts. Auditions will be added to our talent database and if you’re selected for... Continue reading 

Going with the flow…

Every advertising agency uses a different process and workflow that suits it best. [efsrow] [efscolumn lg="6" md="6" smoff="0" mdoff="0" lgoff="0" ] At Focal Point, we adopt a collaborative approach when working with our clients. We realize it’s critical that clients play an active role in the entire marketing process, because after all they are the... Continue reading 

Why Digital Advertising?

Back in the day, billboards were all the rage. Businesses would advertise on billboards placed in large cites or on the side of the interstate, hoping and praying that the right people would see them. Now, technology has advanced and with the average American spending over 100 minutes a day on the web, digital advertising... Continue reading 

Directing Focus

“Can you guys just come out here and shoot some video real quick?” As a videographer, that question comes up more than you think. The truth of the matter is there’s a lot more that goes into an effective video shoot than some impromptu quick shots. Each and everyone of us use our phones to... Continue reading