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Avoid Being a Digital Nuisance

Proper strategy and content drives user engagement. Last year in our post, Why Digital Advertising, we discussed the benefits of digital advertising and how it can help your business. In that post we highlighted digital advertising as the best way to reach the biggest audience and possibly garner the best ROI even on small budgets.... Continue reading 

Getting Gold at the Grand – 2016 Addy Awards

The first quarter of the new year means one thing—awards season. Many of us watch from our couches as the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars distribute fancy hardware to celebrity artists and thespians, but the real event is the one you can't watch on TV—the 2016 Spokane AAF Annual Addy Awards. For the uninitiated, the Addy awards... Continue reading 

Marketing Challenges in 2016: Peacocks or Seagulls

Take control and meet these head on, and look good doing it. Business owners today are struggling with keeping their audience’s attention. If you refer back to our post on Digital Content, you can better understand how people are consuming content and more importantly, how it’s delivered. Businesses should always be discovering new ways to capture... Continue reading 

Does Your Brand Promote Inspiration or Aspiration?

Knowing the difference between inspiration and aspiration can help fortify brand consistency and awareness. We all remember the “Be Like Mike” *You Can Watch It Here* Gatorade commercial; the catchy jingle. The flashy cuts of His Airness gliding through defenses. A memorable campaign that sold the idea that to be like Mike (Michael Jordan) one... Continue reading 

Digital Content: The Good, The Bad, and The Deceptive

A surprising look at how digital content is delivered and how it’s received. Thanks to the emergence of smart phones and tablets, the way that web content is presented has changed forever. But not all content is consumed equally. A 2015 digital study by Reuters Institute shows that 25% of all people say that they... Continue reading 

A New Year, A Better Business

Getting the most you can out of your business before the New Year even begins. It’s mid-December, and as a business owner you are most likely trying to balance holiday parties and last second business decisions. In this frantic time, it becomes increasingly easy to undermine the importance of what January really means for your... Continue reading 

Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s never too early to start planning! The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen, and pumpkin has become the default flavor of everything. Fall has arrived. The holidays are lurking and as a business owner you should be prepared to rule this time of year. We have put together some simple holiday-themed marketing tips... Continue reading 

Essential Elements in Great Design: Typography

TYPE can have a bigger impact than you think. What do you think of when you hear the word “typography”? No, we’re not talking about maps and Earth’s surface shape, we’re referring to the beautiful jumble of letters on your computer under the fonts panel. Think about your business and how you communicate with your... Continue reading 

Essential Elements in Great Design: Balance

Without balance, design can be an eyesore. In design, few things can create immediate distaste like a lack of balance. It’s important to understand the space and audience when considering the effectiveness of the design –and balance plays a big role. Balance doesn’t always mean that every square inch of space should be used. Sometimes... Continue reading 

Essential Elements in Great Design: Color

Color can dictate perception and feeling in design. Think of a great piece of design as a chocolate soufflé – great color, texture, depth, consistency, and of course, taste. Quality design has many variables that must be in harmony in order to get the best product. Nothing can be overlooked the way that color can! Often... Continue reading