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The Chronicles of A Coffee Runner Part Three:

  PART THREE: WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Every aspiring college business student dreams of that nine-week long summer internship with that big-time company. We check our e-mail like social media waiting for hopeful news of becoming one of the future interns for the marketing department of a globally recognized company. Quite opposite of a skyscraping... Continue reading 

Creatives Stimulating Creative

  When all hope is lost, just go back to the drawing board Although working as a creative professional sounds like (and often is) a lot of fun, it is also incredibly exhausting. Clients and ourselves alike expect to produce top notch creativity all the time. But what happens when it just doesn’t come so... Continue reading 

Focal Point’s Totally Rad Summer!

Takin' summer to the MAX! This year, it's a blast from the past. Summer time is here and this year we spared no expense to kick it off right. Enter the 1980's. We celebrated the decade that gave us feathered hair, Pac Man, and a bevy of synthesized hits by competing in our first Focal... Continue reading 

The Ten Commandments of Successful Creative Meetings

CREATIVE MEETINGS:  The ritualistic gathering of advertising professionals with the purpose of taking simple thoughts and ideas and giving them life. This time is used to define messaging, develop new tv commercial concepts, or any other problems that need some creative panache. THOU SHALT HAVE A "FOCAL POINT" We like to organize our topics early... Continue reading 

My (Not) Holiday in Cambodia & Phillippines

It’s natural to envision white-sandy beaches, guided boat tours on glassy water, exotic fresh seafood and cheap massages when visiting Southern Asia. Forget about your nine to five, kick your feet up, soak up all the sights and relax amongst the other tourists, right? As a proud Filipino, my dream of going to the Philippines... Continue reading 

Avoid Being a Digital Nuisance

Proper strategy and content drives user engagement. Last year in our post, Why Digital Advertising, we discussed the benefits of digital advertising and how it can help your business. In that post we highlighted digital advertising as the best way to reach the biggest audience and possibly garner the best ROI even on small budgets.... Continue reading 

Getting Gold at the Grand – 2016 Addy Awards

The first quarter of the new year means one thing—awards season. Many of us watch from our couches as the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars distribute fancy hardware to celebrity artists and thespians, but the real event is the one you can't watch on TV—the 2016 Spokane AAF Annual Addy Awards. For the uninitiated, the Addy awards... Continue reading