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But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Google adds new selfie feature to their long-standing app that combines fun with learning. The Google Arts & Culture app is essentially helping us all become Dorian Gray. While the never-aging antagonist in Oscar Wilde’s philosophical novel watched helplessly as his self-portrait morphed into a monster – that seemed to be the general... Continue reading 

In Chatbots We Trust. Sort Of…

*Insert Automated Introduction Here* Chatbots are quickly changing the way businesses handle customer outreach.Technology has done a lot to make our lives easier; travel, ecommerce, communication, and socializing to name a few. But what about customer service? Is technology replacing humans when it comes to customer outreach? To put it simply, no. But further research indicates that businesses are becoming... Continue reading 

Summer Caption Contest

A FEW WEEKS BACK...Our design diva and resident goofball posted a photo of himself enjoying summer. It got all of us around the office talking about how over the top this photo is. We then decided to leave it up to you to caption the photo as a way to playfully roast Steve while also generating buzz for our... Continue reading 

Best Commercials of 2017.

This past Saturday was the award ceremony for the Cannes Lions Festival. This year saw an abundance of thought-provoking and heartwarming spots. While we have a hard time arguing against the Grand Prix winner in the Film category, it's not a stretch to think that any of these ads could have taken home top prize. See below.  Grand Prix WinnerChannel 4We’re... Continue reading 

Barketing Is Real?

WELL, WELL, WELLINGTON...Last week we welcomed a new furry friend to the Focal Point Marketing (FPM) team. Wellington is an eight-week-old Schnauzer who’s been the center of attention around the office lately. This spotlight isn’t unique to the FPM compound, however, as corporate offices around the country are developing pet-friendly policies. Google often features its... Continue reading 

Instagram 101

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this idiom is no exception to social media’s rising star, Instagram. In fact, this April, Instagram announced it had reached 700 million active monthly users, the last 100 million joining since December 2016. And this number will surely climb, as “Instagram” is googled 16.6 million times monthly,... Continue reading 

Content Is Still King

Assuming you haven't been asleep for the last month, by now you must have heard about the recent advertising blunder by Pepsi.  Providing stellar creative is often the goal for advertisers. We want to tell stories that captivate, inspire, and resonate with audiences. Occasionally in this quest, how that story is presented can become more of... Continue reading 

Job Opening: Marketing

FOCAL POINT SEEKS MARKETING SPECIALIST Are you an organized and savvy marketer looking to join a team-oriented and dynamic group of like-minded professionals? Then step up to the plate, because here’s an opportunity for a home run career. We’re looking for a versatile marketing specialist (entry-level) to join our marketing team. Candidates must be able... Continue reading 

Job Opening – Video Production

FOCAL POINT SEEKS VERSATILE VIDEO PRODUCTION ARTIST Are you a talented and team-oriented video production artist looking to join a dynamic group of like-minded creative professionals? Then opportunity is a knockin’. We’re looking for a versatile video and audio production specialist with an eye for lighting, composition, script-writing and the other requisite qualifications befitting a... Continue reading 

Big Band Grandstand!

Every spring the Focal Point team makes their way over to Spokane to take in the AAF Spokane - American Advertising Awards. This year was especially exciting, as Focal Point had the opportunity to brand the event. (You can read more about that here) This year, the ADDY's were held at the Spokane Convention Center on March... Continue reading